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Image: Detail of 'Nature in the Pink' by Katie Benge

Colour & Contrast

Saturday 9th - Saturday 7th October

Church Street Gallery is delighted to present ‘Colour & Contrast’. An exhibition of original paintings, ceramics and hand pulled prints, curated by Daisy Courtauld. Visit our gallery to view this eclectic exhibition exploring the relationship between the colourful and the monochromatic. The featured works by 12 of our gallery artists demonstrates how these two seemingly contrasting palettes can inspire the viewer’s imagination in surprisingly similar ways and how strikingly well they work side by side.


The bold monochromatic linocuts of James Dodds and wood engravings of Jenny Portlock, for example, are suggestive rather than dictatorial. We are invited to read between their contrasting and meandering lines to discover our own interpretations. Their simplified palette allows them to rely on different elements such as form, line and negative space to convey their subject matter.


Equally Nadia Koo’s layering of colour and Ashley Munro Scott’s depth and crescendo of colour hint at hidden narratives, drawing us in to explore and interweave our own version of the story.  


You will also find works by Katie Benge and Liz Hartley who bring these two palettes together, engaging the viewer with an eye-catching juxtaposition of colour and contrast.


Featured artists: Amber Boissieux, Ashley Munro Scott, Daisy Courtauld, Debbie Scott, James Dodds, Jane Watson, Jenny Portlock, Kate Heiss, Katie Benge, Liz Hartley, Nadia Koo, Simon Sharp.

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