Artists |  James Dodds

James Dodds, is arguably East Anglia’s most celebrated contemporary artist.

He was born in Brightlingsea, Essex in 1957 and started his career qualifying as a shipwright at Walter Cook and Sons in Maldon, Essex.

On completion of his shipwright apprenticeship, James was torn between his love of art and his love of the boat building, but finally his passion for art won through and he went on to study at Chelsea School of Art and Royal College of Art, London.

Since then he has never looked back as his career has gone from strength to strength and he is now recognised as a leading artist both nationally and internationally. He has collaborated as an artist on many books with other artists and recognized poets, and has had a biography written by art historian Ian Collins about his life and influences, called ‘Tidelines’. In 2007 James was made an honorary doctorate from the University of Essex in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the local community as an artist.

In all of James’s pictures there is a gentle narrative of an artist who is intrigued by how the past meets the present. He portrays people, places and stories which resonate with his own life and growing up. East Anglia locations especially feature including images of Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe, Rowhedge, Southwold, and Cromer to name a few. As a shipwright he still holds a particular fascination with working boatyards and old fishing towns drawn to ancient sea myths and legends. We always have a good selection of James work available,both framed and unframed.

Available work by James Dodds - Framed work can be seen on Current Exhibition page