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 Artist | Nadia Koo


In our latest exhibition we are delighted to welcome local artist Nadia Koo to Church Street Gallery in her first solo exhibition. Colour and texture, the physical and emotional, are Nadia Koo's creative force and we hope that you enjoy the exhibition.


About The Artist

Born in Cambridge, heavily influenced by childhood stays in Dominica, nature, the sea and a love for her Southwold Caravan - painter Nadia brings a vibrancy and energy to her art that excites.

Painting freely, Nadia often becomes lost in the world she is creating, emerging from her local garden studio hours later, covered in the beautiful painted colours of that day! 

Alongside some pieces, there are deep narratives sitting just beneath the surface of each seemingly joyous piece. Often painful narratives, that through colour, scale and energy, find expression in ways that challenge the viewer to scratch beneath the surface. '

 Available Work

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