Pru Green - Blue and White Deep Bowl Floral Design

Pru Green - Blue and White Deep Bowl Floral Design


Small Bowl Decorated in Blue Batik Floral Pattern by Pru Green

A beautiful bowl in a fairly new design from Pru - hard to find and I'm lucky to have a couple of different shapes and sizes at the time of writing this listing, all listed serarately.

Earthenware clay hand thrown and individually hand decorated.

Batik is the traditional Indonesian art of drawing and writing onto a surface with wax,the surface is then dipped into dye and the wax acts as a resist. The same thing can be done with ceramics and Pru has applied the wax to the bisque fired pot (the first very hot firing) which then acts as a resist for the blue glaze.

Size: Diameter 16.5 cm at the top - 7 cm diameter at the base - Height 6.5 cm

Dishwasher Safe.

Each piece is hand thrown with precision and hand decorated by Pru with the utmost care, making each piece unique. Each piece of her work is signed underneath in the gaze.

  • Additional Information

    All items are dishwasher safe.

    Larger sets and out of stock items can be made to order - please email or ring me for details