Pru Green - Classic Large Jug Tulip Design

Pru Green - Classic Large Jug Tulip Design


Large Classic Hand Decorated Tulip Jug by Pru Green

Earthenware clay hand thrown and individually hand painted with an amazing colourful pattern of intertwining tulips which wraps around the jug. Wonderful overlayed pattern on a dark background and finished with Pru's magnificent lustre glaze. She doesn't make many of these large can jugs,so they are somthing of a rarity; they pour perfectly, and with the wide base you're not going to knock it over! They also make a lovely vase.

Size: This jug has a capacity of 2 pints / 1.1ltrs and pours perfectly

         Width at widest point across the spout and handle 15 cm

         Across the middle of the jug  13 cm

         Height     19cm

Dishwasher Safe.

Each piece is hand thrown with precision and hand decorated by Pru with the utmost care, making each piece unique. As every piece is different I have photographed them individually from different angles.

  • Additional Information

    All items are dishwasher safe.

    Larger sets and out of stock items can be made to order - please email or ring me for details