Pru Green Mug - Large Shell and Fish Design

Pru Green Mug - Large Shell and Fish Design


Shell and Fish Design - Tank Mug by Pru Green

Wonderful Earthenware clay, thrown and hand decorated "tank" mug, with coloured slips in Prus' classic shell and mollusc design and finished with a wonderful lustre glaze. This mug is a little shorter, more squat and wider at the bottom than Pru's "Cone" style mugs. A very special mug from this renowned potter.

Size: Diameter 10.5 cm at the top - 7 cm across the base - Height 8.5 cm

Dishwasher Safe.

Each piece is hand thrown with precision and hand decorated with the utmost care by Pru, making each piece absolutely unique.The perfect mug for tea lovers everywhere!

As every piece is different I have photographed and listed each piece indvidually.

If you are looking to make up a set of mugs please check the sizes as Pru does make two significantly different shapes... a cone shaped mug, and a shorter wider mug which she calls a "tank" mug. This is a Tank mug.

  • Additional Information

    All items are dishwasher safe.

    Larger sets and out of stock items can be made to order - please email or ring me for details