Pru Green - Round Lamp Base Shell and Mollusc Design

Pru Green - Round Lamp Base Shell and Mollusc Design


Round Lamp Base by Pru Green - Classic Hand Decorated Shell and Mollusc Design

Wired with a plug and a very long 7' 4" / 224 cm lead and bayonet fitting.

Let me start by saying that this is very special, and the first time that I have ever had any lamp bases from Pru, she usually keeps them for Craft Shows but as they are all cancelled she has given them to me.. to share with you!

At the time of listing I have a collection of bases in different designs. The detailed work that has gone into this is incredible. My friend, Pru is truly a master potter and a total one off.

Earthenware clay hand thrown and individually hand painted with an amazing colourful pattern of little fish,starfish,shells and molluscs which wrap around the lamp base. Wonderful overlayed pattern on a light background and finished with Pru's magnificent lustre glaze. She doesn't make many of these so they are something of a rarity; This has a good wide base, and just needs a simple shade of your choice to finish it off.

Size: Height to top of brass fitting  20 cm - Height to top of lamp base - 14 cm - Base Diameter -  9 cm. Width at widest point across the body 14 cm


 Each piece is hand thrown with precision and hand decorated by Pru with the utmost care, making each piece unique. As every piece is different I have photographed them individually from different angles so that you can see the complexity of the pattern as it wraps around the base.

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    All items are dishwasher safe.

    Larger sets and out of stock items can be made to order - please email or ring me for details