Pru Green Pottery - Small Jug Batik Floral Design

Pru Green Pottery - Small Jug Batik Floral Design


Small Hand-painted Jug by Potter Pru Green

Earthenware clay hand decorated with rich coloured slip in a stunning vibrant cobalt blue and is finished with a deep lustre glaze which brings a wonderful shine. This "batik" design is created by using wax as a resist which burns off in the firing process.

Size : This jug is approx 9cm base diameter and 7.5cm tall

Each piece is hand thrown with precision and hand decorated with the utmost care, making each piece unique. Pours perfectly and holds about 1/4 of a pint.

As every piece is different I have photographed each piece individually from several angles as the design wraps around the whole body of the jug.

  • Additional Information

    All items are dishwasher safe.

    Larger sets and out of stock items can be made to order - please email or ring me for details