Wildlife Sculpture - Wren by Simon Griffiths

Wildlife Sculpture - Wren by Simon Griffiths


Life Size Wren - Garden Birds. Unique Wildlife Sculpture by Simon Griffiths 

This wonderful sculpture of this delightful little bird is sat on an attractive piece of reclaimed driftwood and is designed to be hung on a wall or beam, indoors or out. It is fitted with a strong hook (see photos) on the back and will sit flush against the wall.

Size : Overall size from the top of  the Wren to bottom of Wood  is 9"/ 22cm

The Wren is approx 7cm beak to tail and stands 2" / 5cm  tall .

Each piece is hand sculpted by Simon making each piece unique.


Simon Griffiths makes one off individual ceramic wildlife sculptures. The Wrens are made in the hand with a piece of clay which is moulded and fashioned into shape.

His ceramic sculptures are constructed in crank clay and decorated with a mixture of oxides, stains and slips which he has perfected after experimenting over many years. The firing process exceeds 1200 degrees centigrade making the sculptures suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

As every piece is unique I have photographed each individually. This is the piece of sculpture you will receive.