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Sculpture | Simon Griffiths


I am delighted to welcome acclaimed wildlife sculpt0r Simon Griffiths to the Gallery. This side of Christmas I only have a limited collection of life size Wrens and Robins beautifully mounted on reclaimed wood. 

There are more pieces in the pipeline for next year.

Simon is a self-taught sculptor, whose work is very heavily influenced by the North Pennine Wildlife and countryside where he lives and works. Simon studies the birds and animals that he makes, intensely before he sculpts them and his aim is to capture the essence of the bird within the sculpture. All the pieces are high fired to 1200 degrees centigrade, which means they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor display. Simon exhibits his work through galleries in the UK and internationally and we are delighted to be showing his work.

More work to be added over the next couple of days - Wrens and Robins
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