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Artists | Sue Walker

Artists Statement

Wild places and elemental landscapes are the starting point for much of my work and I am particularly drawn to coastal scenes. I find inspiration in the landscapes of East Anglia, on Mediterranean visits and sailing trips. My choice of subject matter is often decided by my emotional response to the mood and colours of the scene. The meeting of land, sea and sky has a mystical quality for me. The changing light and the ebb and flow of water mean that the views are constantly altering and evolving.

I think it is important to know the area well and to go out and explore in order to try to capture the essence of the scene. I like to make small watercolour sketches and colour notes and I also take photos to record fleeting moments such as sunrises and sunsets where the quality of the light and the colour change rapidly. Back at my studio near Saffron Walden and away from the distractions of the open air, I try to capture something of the original experience whilst developing a more abstract approach. In these pictures I aim to convey a sense of the mood and atmosphere of the location. The majority of my work is in acrylic on block canvas. I find the fast drying quality of acrylic suits my style as I like to work quite quickly to build up thin washes of colour and then add impasto areas with a palette knife or piece of card.
I exhibit regularly at Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden and have exhibited in France and with galleries across East Anglia from Cambridge to Manningtree. I have paintings in collections in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and the USA.

 Available work 

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