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|  Terry Pastor

Terry Pastor is probably best known for his iconic album artwork for David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. While it is his albums that usually grabs the headlines, in reality this work is just one element of Terry Pastor's career. His credits include album covers for the Beach Boys, Alex Harvey, The Sweet, Carl Palmer, Soft Machine and many other artistes. 

Given the similarity between album covers and book covers, it is no surprise to find that Terry Pastor's credits include covers for best-selling authors like Arthur C Clark, Jeffrey Archer, Mickey Spillane, Colleen McCullough, Len Deighton, Brian Aldiss, Michael Crichton, Ed McBain and Leslie Thomas. 

Over the years, this illustration work has won him many accolades including two prestigious Art Director of America awards and a Playboy Magazine Illustration award. 

Perhaps the lesser-known aspect of Terry's artistic career is his success as a painter. He has had exhibitions in London, New York, Munich and Amsterdam and his paintings feature in private collections around the world, including those of Roman Polanski and Roman Ford Coppola ( the son of Francis Ford Coppola) and Status Quo. 

Terry supports one of Status Quo's charities, The Princes Trust, and his work is included in their book, Status Quo - Pictures: 40 Years of Hits. 


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