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Our Summer Exhibition features exclusive new work by artist Catriona Hall
Catriona Hall-Artist-Church Street Galle
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Catriona Hall was born in Hertfordshire and grew up locally. She studied History of Art at Warwick University, and followed on with a career spent in the publishing world. 

She creates paintings with an enduring quality and appeal. There are many influences on her work including periods spent living in America and Egypt and study of medieval art. Early medieval Italian altarpieces, Edward Bawden, John and Paul Nash, Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Elgin marbles have also influenced her work.


Catriona is very much known for her paintings of animals and birds. Her animal paintings are highly stylised, often rather portly, whiskerless and always left-facing, Her subjects are immortalised with quirky simplicity and almost folk style of art. Proportions are often skewed when searching for the perfect composition and balance and this enhances the primitive nature. 

Below are the Paintings in our current Exhibition - All these paintings are framed - Please pop in and have a look