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Nina Sage - Harbour Sunset - Original Linocut

Nina Sage - Harbour Sunset - Original Linocut


Harbour Sunset - Original Linocut by local printmaker Nina Sage

The inspiration for Harbour Sunset came from a holiday based in Scotland.

Nina's inspiration comes from a lifelong love of the natural world and her experiences working as an Ecologist, in the water industry in particular. It is no surprise that water and the life within it is a recurring theme in her work and many of her prints feature the wild life habitats and species she worked with in the field.

This is an original, hand printed, reduction linocut - so one piece of lino is used to create the whole image, printing a colour , cutting away and then overprinting - so at the end not much if any lino is left - so it cannot be reused - once the edition is decided on that is it!

Artist : Nina Sage

MEDIUM : Reduction Linocut -oil based relief ink on fabriano paper Edition of 32. Edition 2/32.

Signed and numbered by the artist.

IMAGE SIZE : 30cm x 22.5cm
FRAMED : No but we can frame this for you in a frame of your choice.

Make an enquiry by email or call us on +44 (0)1799 522 947, or better still pop in and see us.

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