Simon Sharp - Lidded Jar Handmade Studio Pottery

Simon Sharp - Lidded Jar Handmade Studio Pottery


Lidded Jar Abstract Design by Simon Sharp - Handmade Studio Ceramics

Earthenware clay jar hand decorated with coloured slips, in a bold abstract design in a rich black coloured slip with splashes of red inside and out. An intricate interwoven design on a light background with a wonderful glaze. This is a truly wonderful pot reasuringly heavy, and with the lid removed can easily double up as a planter as the bottom is also glazed.

Size :This wonderful jar is approx 17cm tall to the top of the lid shell handle

11cm tall to the top of the jar without the lid.

13.5cm diameter across the opening, with a base diameter of 14.5cm.


Simon hand decorateds each piece with the utmost care, making each piece unique, and this one is a cracker! He doesn't make many of these.

As every piece is different I have photographed each piece individually and from all angles as the pattern changes as it wraps around the jar .

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